Foot Massage

FOOT MASSAGE Special technique to receive after long hikes, foot massage and legs muscles aplying deep tissue techniques, relaxation and pressure points. (Optional – Foot scrub treatment) Duration: 30 minutes AR $2400 Duration: 60 minutes AR $3300

Pregnant Massage

PREGNANT MASSAGE Improving circulation, body and mind relaxation. We will work in side pose. (enjoy this massage since the third month of your pregnancy) Duration: 60 minutes AR $3300

Traditional Thai Massage

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE A perfect technique to receive after a lot of exercise, hiking o bike trips. We will prepare a special place for you in our relax spot enjoying the sound of the water. Traditional Thai Massage is performed working deep stretching poses and pressure points to restore and recover your body, improving your…


ALFIUS – SWEDISH MASSAGE Long and relaxing movements are the foundations in this technique. Using pressure points and looking for trigger points during the massage you will experience a deep relaxation in body and mind. Duration: 30 minutes AR$ 2600 Duration: 45 minutes AR$ 3000 Duration: 60 minutes AR$ 3600 Duration: 90 minutes AR$ 4800


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE We apply deep tissue techniques and deep stretching poses helping your body to eliminate toxins and offering deep relaxation after massage. Duration: 60 minutes AR$ 3600 Duration: 90 minutes AR$ 4800