FACIAL Optional Aromatherapy This treatment is for all skin types. It relaxes the features, creates a radiant complexion, improves skin texture, accelerates cell renewal and regulates the moisture level. This treatment includes skin cleansing and application of a mask to purify and refresh your skin. Duration: 30 minutos  


CAVAS MASSAGE Una técnica perfecta para relajar su cuerpo y mente. Nuestros terapeutas realizaran este masaje aplicando un mix de técnicas acordes a su necesidad. Movimientos largos para relajar sus músculos, presiones lentas y profundas, puntos gatillo y movilidad articular lo harán sentir con mayor disponibilidad corporal. Le recomendamos esta técnica si su búsqueda es…


CAVAS MASSAGE   A perfect technique to release your body and mind. Our therapists will perform a mix of techniques according to your needs. Long movements to release your muscles, slow and deep pressures on the fascia, trigger points and joints movements will make you feel more space in your muscles and joints. We recommend…


ENJOY A YOGA CLASS WITH THE COMPANIION OF THE MOUNTAINS If you would like to take a private or a group yoga lesson in the comfort of your deck any day of your stay, we will be delighted to set it up for you in advance. We offer a private lesson enjoying the wonderful Cavas…

Foot Massage

FOOT MASSAGE Special technique to receive after long hikes, foot massage and legs muscles aplying deep tissue techniques, relaxation and pressure points. (Optional – Foot scrub treatment) Duration: 30 minutes Duration: 60 minutes