Foot Massage

FOOT MASSAGE Special technique to receive after long hikes, foot massage and legs muscles aplying deep tissue techniques, relaxation and pressure points. (Optional – Foot scrub treatment) Duration: 30 minutes AR $2400 Duration: 60 minutes AR $3300

Pregnant Massage

PREGNANT MASSAGE Improving circulation, body and mind relaxation. We will work in side pose. (enjoy this massage since the third month of your pregnancy) Duration: 60 minutes AR $3300


SWEDISH MASSAGE Long and relaxing movements are the foundations in this technique. Using pressure points and looking for trigger points during the massage you will experience a deep relaxation in body and mind. Duration: 30 minutes  Duration: 50minutes  Duration: 90 minutes 


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE We apply deep tissue techniques and deep stretching poses helping your body to eliminate toxins and offering deep relaxation after massage.