The privilege of our rural location comes with the great responsibility of protecting the land for future generations.

We have developed a strict environmental policy that comprises.
1- Commitment to the environment
2- Support and involvement with local communities

Commitment to the environment
Recycling: Cavas Wine Lodge performs a conscientious treatment of the wastes it generates, by separating, and stockpiling the various kinds of materials that go into local recycle plants.
Organic Waste: We handle organic waste through a compost process, committing our staff in the generation of compost and humus to be used in our organic vegetable garden and vineyards.
Solar panels: Mendoza has 320 days of sun a year and by strategically placing solar panels we pre-heat water to 50 degrees saving up to 50% of gas consumption.
Grey Water: Cavas Wine Lodge is the first hotel in the region that reutilizes water from wash hand basins, showers and baths, recycled on-site for landscape irrigation.